My Vintage Flags was founded in 2018 by Michael and Robert Garibay. Both brothers are history enthusiasts and hobbyists collectors whose love for Americana antiques could not be confined to just collecting. Since their launch, My Vintage Flags has quickly become one of the fastest growing flag dealers in the United States. 
My Vintage Flags is known for the quality and affordability of their products. Not only do they strive to appeal to the seasoned collector and investor, but also to the first time buyer. The amount of care and detail they have for their products can't be met elsewhere. Behind every item comes endless hours of research.
The American Flag is the most distinguished flag in the world. It deserves to be maintained, cared for, and loved by not only serious collectors but all Americans. The Garibay's have a profound understanding and love for the American Flag along with all the symbolism it represents. Their mission since the beginning has been to bring at least one piece of history to every home.