My Vintage Flags will purchase your flags whether they are American or international. We understand the importance of family and flag preservation. Conservation and safekeeping of family heirlooms is our biggest priority. We strive to provide the exceptional care and respect your historical artifact deserves. Displaying and recording your flag for posterity should not be taken lightly.


Please email photos to MyVintageFlags@gmail.comIt is important that you take quality pictures to ensure the value of your flag. Include full view images and close-ups of fabric, hoists, and stitching. With your photos, include measurements along with any notes you’d like to add.


If you plan on putting your flag up for auction, we would love to know. Typically, we can purchase authentic flags for less through auctions than by private negotiations. It’s unfortunate that the risk of purchasing fake flags has tarnished the image of auctions. We strongly advise seeking advice from a professional, whether it be through us or another expert. For any other questions feel free to contact us at





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