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39 Star Flag - Antique Flag with Alternating Columns & Two Sizes of Stars

Antique 39 Star Flag, printed on cotton material. This flag has 3 columns of small stars and 3 columns of a larger stars. The Alternating columns have the change in star sizes. 

Framed and ready to be hung. Custom Frame with Museum UV Reflective Glass. Flag has been hand-stitched to an acid free cloth back mat. Spacer have been used to keep the flag away from the glass.

The 39 star flags were made during the late 19th century over two periods. Between 1875 and 1876 there was excitement over the possibility of of two new states. Since only one new state was added this dropped the star count to 38. Thirteen years later, the Dakota territory was to be added bringing the star count to 39 again. Since the Dakota area was split into two states this forever ended the possibility of the 39 star ever becoming official. 

Flag: 11.5" x 23" (H x L)

Frame: 16.25" x 28" (H x L)