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48 Star Flag, Vintage Ensign No. 12 US Mare Island WWII Flag Rare Size

American Flag 48 stars, Ensign, 17 x 31 in, wool. "No. 12 US Mare Island" on header, WWII

          Vintage 48 Star, U.S. Navy Small Boat Ensign Flag, made at Mare Island, California During WW II. (Hoist) 17" X (Fly) 31", Canton & Stripes are wool, with the words "No. 12 US  Mare Island" stenciled the canvas header. ALL SEWN CONSTRUCTION.

         Mare Island became the first permanent U.S. naval installation on the West Coast, home to what was known as the Pacific Fleet, and remained so until the threat of Japanese expansionism. This caused the shift to a more advanced position at Pearl Harbor. It was very active in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, but would eventually close in 1993.

       The canton and stripes of the flag are made of wool bunting that has been pieced and sewn with machine stitching. The stars are silk-screened in white paint. This is a known technique in use in the manufacture of U.S. naval ensigns at the time and can be seen on other Mare Island flags. There is a heavy canvas binding along the hoist The fly end is bound with 4 rows of stitching, instead of the usual 2 rows found in commercially made flags.

        "No. 12" along the hoist binding is a size designation for U.S. Navy small boat ensigns. There are two grommets are rusted due to the usage of the flag with no stamping on them, in the header.

        This is the smallest configuration of the U.S. Ensign flags made for the Navy. Truly beautiful when framed for display. There are a few holes (moth) in the ground section near the Canton. Please see photos as part of the description.