My Vintage Flags

48 Star WWII US Navy Union Jack No. 9 Flag - Mare Island Flag 1944

If you look close to the flag, you can see in the blue section of the flag has a horizontal stitch. They used another piece of wool fabric to make the flag. The reason for this could have been due to running out of fabric and using another to finish the flag. Cool piece to own, in addition has 3 grommets. 

Rare 48 Star WWII US Navy Union Jack NO 9 Flag - Mare Island 1944.  

This listing is for a very hard to find WW2 era US Navy Canton Flag, made at Mare Island Naval Station in SanFrancisco Bay, in 1944. (marked "M.I. 44" and "Union Jack No 9") I, and in excellent condition with few small holes. These flags were made in several sizes. This size is ideal for display in a home or office. A canton flag is one that shows just 1/4 of the flag usually the upper hoist quadrant, like stars on the US flag. It is used on ships and usually flown at the bow. Flag has sewn stars and is made of a wool material. 

Flag: 24" x 37" (H x L)