My Vintage Flags

Rare Antique 13 Star Flag, 3-2-3-2-3 Diamond Star Formation

Rare Antique 13 Star Flag, 3-2-3-2-3 Diamond Star Formation. The canton and stripes on the flag are made of a wool bunting. The cotton made stars are double appliquéd which means its applied to both sides. This flag has rectangular gussets which were added for support at the points where the flag could get most of the wear out at sea. The hoist is made of a tan linen that as used as Naval flag during this period. Grommets are a whipped stitching. 
This flag was probably made sometime in between 1895-1910 due to the ZZ stitching on the double appliquéd stars. The Star size on this flag are large. The stars in the first row are pointing in the up direction while the second row stars are pointing down. This design can be seen as a diamond of stars with stars at each corner and middle. Flag does have a few stains and holes, so please look at photos for details. Flag is in great condition for its age. 
Flag: 36" x 64" (H x L)