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Vintage 48 Star Flag Gold Star Mothers Flag - Alternating Stars

printed flag with 48 stars configured in 8-8-8-8-8-8 in opposite direction. When rolled up on its staff, the flag slips into a brass-tipped paper tube for storage. The circular decal on tube reads: Presented to the Gold Star Mothers By the City of New York. Staff 14 in. Ca 1928-59. On June 4, 1928, a group of 25 mothers in Washington, D.C., led by Mrs. Grace Darling Seibold, founded a national organization known as the American Gold Star Mothers. Named after the Gold Star that families would hang in their window in honor of a deceased veteran, membership was composed of mothers who lost a son or daughter during World War I. The organization became a rallying point for a support group of grieving mothers, and its purpose was to comfort each other and give loving care to veterans confined to government hospitals. Today there are more than two hundred chapters, and membership is open to mothers who have lost a son or daughter during past wars and armed conflicts, or while in the service of our country. 

Flag: 11" x 16" (H x L)

Staff: 14"