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WWII 1950s US Coast Guard 13 Star Commissioning Pennant


WWII 1950s US Coast Guard 13 Star Commissioning Pennant. 

The commissioning pennant is flown from the aftermost masthead. It is displayed to indicate that the vessel is under command of a commissioned officer or a commissioned warrant officer.It's hoisting is the central event in the commissioning of a new ship. The flag is 1-1/2" wide and is 49" long. It has 13 blue stars on a white field and it has 16 vertical red and white stripes. It has a solid brass eyelet. 

Great gift for a guardsman or for that patriot collector out there. 

Framed and ready to be hung. Custom frame with Museum UV Reflective Glass. Pennant has been hand-stitched to an acid free cloth back mat. Spacer have been used to keep the flag away from the glass.


Frame: 16" x 23" (H x L)